RICS collaborate with tCn to promote Chartered Surveyors on Twitter

Our initiative to identify, analyse and promote specific users of Twitter in the UK Built Environment continues with the #tCnRICS100.

We’ve teamed up with the Royal Institution of Chartered Surveyors (RICS) and PeerIndex to collate the most influential and effective Chartered Surveyors on Twitter.

An initial Top 50 will soon be published online with Building explaining how RICS members can get involved.   The full 100 including interviews with those involved will then be published online and in their magazine after a 2 week nomination process.

Contact Us for more information or follow @tCntweets, @tCnMembers, @RICSnews and @BuildingNews for updates.

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British Precast Join tCn – the Construction network

British Precast, the Federation for the £1.8 bn UK concrete products industry, along with all of its product associations, are the latest organisation to collaborate with the tCn Team to help professionals in the UK Built Environment view, share and publish industry specific content.

Martin Clarke, Chief Executive of British Precast, said, ”Working with tCn gives us a great way to raise awareness about British Precast using new media technology. We now have an additional way to promote our events, initiatives and members that is familiar to the next generation of professionals.”

As with all companies joining tCn, British Precast members are now entitled to a free company listing and one free optimised article published on the website. They will also benefit from a discounted rate should they want to upgrade and become featured members.

A unique invitation code will be distributed to all members giving free and immediate access to the network.

Take a look at British Precast’s profile or view British Precast’s content.

If you belong to or work for an Industry Body or Trade Association and would like to discuss collaborating with tCn then please email info@tcn.uk.com.

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Construction News to reveal Top Building Product Manufacturers on Twitter

Further to the huge response we received in our #tCnProducts100 Twitter initiative we are delighted to announce that the results will now be published with leading media title Construction News.

We also collaborated with CN in the first ever tCnTop100 Twitter list enabling us to reach out to individuals and organisations connected to the UK Built Environment who are not yet embracing the power of new media through both their online and printed magazines.

The #tCnProducts100 aims to identify, promote and compare Building Product Manufacturers using Twitter working with social media analysis experts PeerIndex.

The initial article and Top 50 can be viewed here.

A further article looking at social media for manufacturers, interviews with those involved and the full 100 will be available in the next few weeks.

In the meantime follow @tCntweets or the #tCnProducts100 hashtag for more information.

p.s – If you’ve been nominated in the #tCnProducts100 then make sure you’ve registered with Peerindex to ensure as accurate a score as possible.

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tCn to reveal ‘Top Media Tweeters’ in UK Built Environment – #tCnMedia100

Forget the belief of some that the ongoing News of the World investigation is a pivotal point in media history. Yes, social media did play a role in the scandal, as Melissa Harrison explained in the Guardian on Wednesday 6 July 2011 (Why I set about hitting the News of the World where it hurts), but the traditional media has been facing growing pressures for some years, with declining advertising revenues, falling print readerships, and increasing pressures from online media outlets.

As the relationship between ‘traditional’ and ‘social’ media develops, and as traditional print B2B titles adapt to the new demands of a digital age, we thought it would be interesting for the next #tCnTop100 category to be a ‘who’s who’ of UK media tweeters in the built environment.

Who qualifies?

We’ve already grouped together many official accounts of relevant print and online publications, journalists and editors, enabling our partner PeerIndex to analyse and compare their twitter activity and rank them accordingly. The full list and accompanying commentary will be available on our website on Friday 29 July 2011. (If you would like to write an article or blog about this initiative, contact us for more information.)

How to nominate?

Although we already have a comprehensive list why not nominate yourself, or those you know, by tweeting: ‘Include @username in @tCntweets #tCnMedia100 http://bit.ly/mYEAkB’?

Include the http URL as it will let people know what you are nominating them for!

Search the #tCnMedia100 hashtag or follow @tCntweets to keep updated, share your views or ask questions. Let the tweeting begin!

(voting ends at 5pm on Thursday 28th July 2011)

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tCn offer additional benefits for members through Affiliate Partners

After numerous member suggestions we’ve teamed up with various organisations to offer even more benefits through our new and exciting affiliate partners scheme.

Preferential rates and special offers will be available on a range or work and non-work related products and services.

What’s available?

We’ll let you know more about each partner and the offers available soon but for now click here to find out who’s involved…

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@PeerIndex: Direct message to tCn and those involved in the #tCnTop100 and #AJtCn100

The following message has been given to us from the PeerIndex team:

Hello to tCn members and all those connected…

One of the great things we’ve been privileged to watch is the emergence of the self organised professional communities within Twitter (and social media). tCn – the Construction network (@tCntweets) and the Built Environment community more generally is a strong leader in this trend.

The PeerIndex groups and ranks have fed into this to provide additional tools for professional communities. Recently, there has been some wobbling in our ranks, including rises over a period of two weeks, followed by falls.

It’s not you. It’s us. We recently increased the number of profiles we index to 45 million – and needed to make adjustments to various thresholds that assign scores to you in topics. One consequence of this modification is to cause some people’s PI ranks to shift.

We do modify thresholds as we adjust to the increases in data and changing behaviour of spammers and bots. We are working on a system that will alert you to these changes as they are made to increase our transparency.

It is obviously important that we maintain consistent stability of rank presentation. However rest assured, no data was lost and all that changed was a systematic change of people’s ranks across the board, rather than any relative changes.

Here at PeerIndex we are keen to help those connected to tCn and the Built Environment community better understand social media so that you can gain the most from it.


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The #AJtCn100 is published – ask your questions here

The #AJtCn100 button

Today the Architects Journal publishes the first list of UK architects, their practices and staff using the social networking platform Twitter.

You can view the top 100 list on the Architects Journal website.  The top ten users are profiled in tomorrow’s print issue of the Architects Journal, together with an article by Su Butcher and interviews with some of the influential tweeters.

If you were nominated for the #AJtCn100 and didn’t make the top flight but you’d like to see where you are ranked, you can see all the 300 nominees here.

The list is ranked by Peerindex, the UK company who are mapping authority on the social web using their Peerindex algorythm. If you’d like to know more you can read their Frequently Asked Questions , or if you have a specific question about the list and your Peerindex, we invite you to ask it here where members of the Peerindex team are available to answer your questions.

Please post your question or comment below, we look forward to hearing from you.

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The PeerIndex Interview – (Part 1)

Wow! I knew that our #tCnTop100 series would create a lot of activity but wasn’t expecting that much!

The 'Google Sponsored' PeerIndex offices

Our early decision to partner with PeerIndex rather than other online measurement providers was because of 2 reasons.

1. They are UK based.

2. They are interested in not only helping us achieve our objectives but to also continuously improve their system to benefit individuals and organisations in the UK Built Environment through collaboration with tCn. 

There has been a lot mentioned about the validity of PeerIndex scores and how much weight they should really carry.  Paul Wilkinson recently blogged about a ‘Profusion of PeerIndex groups’, and made some interesting points.

PeerIndex and tCn know that it’s still early days for this technology and it’s as much a challenge to get people using new media in the Built Environment as it is to perfect the tools once there.

For this reason we thought it would be interesting to give people a brief insight into the mind behind PeerIndex, Azeem Azhar, asking questions suggested by our Twitter following.

I visited PeerIndex offices a few weeks ago and was delighted to spend some time with Azeem and the rest of his team to delve a little deeper into the workings of their system.

Click above to view 'The PeerIndex Interview (Part 1)'

Walking into their ‘Google sponsored’ Old Street offices reminded me of a scene from recent film – The Social Network – and was impressive to see the teams in action.  It was also interesting to learn that Ian Dodsworth’s TweetDeck offices were situated opposite. (Recently bought by Twitter for a rumoured £40million).

Finding out Azeem was a West Ham fan gave us quite a bit to talk about post interview and hence we look forward to furthering our relationship with the various ideas that we have!

Last week we asked our followers to suggest questions to put to Azeem. The videos show Azeem answering tweeter’s questions, explaining more about how Peerindex works and how to use it, and giving details of some of the new features that are being introduced later this year.

The first of two videos can be seen by clicking here or on the video image itself – above.

Keep posted for Part 2 and feel free to comment!  

P.S – Having had a sneak preview of the #AJtCn100 results so far there are definitely a few suprises in store so make sure you keep an eye on @tCntweets!

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tCn are looking for an apprentice! Do you know anyone?

tCn – the Construction network is growing fast and so were looking to add to our creative team.

In true social media style we endeavour to promote all new opportunities through our new media channels.

Right now we are looking for an assistant online editor/content manager/journalist, someone who can help with the sheer amount of content being added to our website. Initially this is an unpaid position offering valuable experience and insight into the workings of a social media company, but – as tCn grows – it has the potential to become a full-time and paid post.

The role would involve online editing and publishing of articles, advertising banners, company profiles and general content management.

It would also involve assistance with the tCn initiatives including our popular tCnTop100 Twitter series and tCn Interviews. Experience in online media is advantageous but not essential although an interest in social media, web design and the built environment would be handy.

Although most of the work can be done remotely, the ideal candidate would be based in southeast England as we do like to meet face to face now and then!

How to apply

If this sounds of interest to you or some you know then CVs can be emailed to info@tcn.uk.com. Please help in our search by sharing this post!

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Want to confirm you’ve been nominated in the #AJtCn100?

We’ve had lots of ‘tweeters’ contact us wanting to ensure we’ve received their nomination.

So, to give you some peace of mind the tCn Team, lead in this initiative by Su Butcher (@SuButcher), have agreed to individually DM (Direct Message) all those successfully nominated.

To enable us to do this simply follow @tCntweets.

You’ll then receive a Direct Message in the next few days saying, ‘Congratulations, you’ve been nominated for the #AJtCn100.’

We recommend that all nominees join Peerindex in order to ensure their rating is accurate.

Confused between Twitter lists?

Since our first #tCnTop100 initiative at the start of April 2011, you’ll probably have seen various lists being promoted.

Here is some information to clear up any confusion between the tCn/AJ collaboration and any ‘other’ Twitter lists.

The #AJtCn100 is to:

  • Identify only UK registered Architects and their staff who already embracing Twitter
  • Discover who is most effectively using Twitter via our partnership with Social Media monitoring and measurement provider PeerIndex (@PeerIndex)
  • To inform and educate people not currently using new media, of the benefits of such tools and how to use them as part of a comprehensive business development strategy.

We still have plenty of time before the results will be published in the Architects Journal so if you haven’t already, feel free to nominate yourself, your company or your colleagues.

Speak soon!

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