A constructive view of social media from Mace

Mace Business School magazineOne of tCn‘s earliest supporters, Mace Business School, produces a house magazine, School Report, and we were asked to talk about social media for the latest issue, which has just been published (see the PDF here).

We asked consultant Paul Wilkinson to give an industry overview on the use of social media in the construction sector, and he stresses both the opportunities and the challenges. He highlights the need to avoid what he calls “the inevitable recruiter spam“, and how construction-focused networks such as tCn might help:

tCn founder Ryan Briggs is keen to help employers sidestep “non-work” networks. He says: “We have set out to get corporate ‘buy-in’ to tCn. We want organisations to make tCn an officially sanctioned business networking site for their employees or members, a safe and exclusive business networking space that remains industry-specific, and promotes interaction with the people you want to network with.”

Alongside the core article, there is also a question-and-answer feature with Mace’s head of marketing and communications, Catherine Button, and a grassroots view from Danny Lucas, representing a specialist painting contractor, S Lucas Group. Both people endorse the core message: social media is not something to avoid – as Danny explains:

If we don’t communicate effectively, we’re dead commercially. … We have to know what’s going on in the market, we have to know what’s being said about us, and we have to be sure our service is completely satisfactory – today, now. We are beginning to build an online following and we’re up for letting them know and all our other contacts know about our capabilities and achievements as quickly and effectively as technology allows – and that’s just about instant these days.”


About The tCn Team

The tCn Blog is edited by the original founders of the concept. Its purpose is to give regular updates as to what's happening on the official site while acting as a central resource to share best practise relating to social media in construction. We collaborate with various thought leaders including marketing & pr agencies, associations, bodies and institutes.
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