Almost there….

Having lost more than 24 hours due to a server change at our hosting provider (and spent a lot of time swapping emails with the techie types at Gigapros), we have finally been able to start fine-tuning the new tCn website.

Just about all of the old content has been ported across from the previous platform, and we have started to explore the extensive administrative functionality that is sitting behind the scenes. The potential of the new platform is considerable, and we are looking forward to unveiling it – hopefully tomorrow (Wednesday 3 August).

As it is proving difficult to test some of the functionality offline (ie: not on a ‘live’ site), there are likely still to be some “rough edges”, but please bear with us as we smooth things out and make the necessary early tweaks to the platform. There will also be some “work in progress”: things that will be improved or added to the site over the next few days.


About The tCn Team

The tCn Blog is edited by the original founders of the concept. Its purpose is to give regular updates as to what's happening on the official site while acting as a central resource to share best practise relating to social media in construction. We collaborate with various thought leaders including marketing & pr agencies, associations, bodies and institutes.
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