tCn 2.0 is ‘live’

The second iteration of tCn‘s website has been live for a few days now, having been quietly launched so that friends from partner organisations could help us to do some testing and to identify any outstanding bugs (some still remain, but we are gradually working our way through and fixing them).

After the hassles we had transferring the site across from the old platform (not helped by the outage at our hosting provider), we are understandably relieved that the new-look tCn 2.0 is now up and running. We are also very encouraged by the positive comments we’ve received from the people who’ve looked at it so far – everyone seems to agree it’s a major improvement on our first version.

We are not sitting back though. We are learning more about the capabilities of the software platform upon which the website sits, and working with our developer to add new functionality. Members have already welcomed the incorporation of Twitter into the site; we have a host of YouTube videos, and early testers have been trying out the company and events listings and the blogs functions, among others.

Please let us know what you think.


About The tCn Team

The tCn Blog is edited by the original founders of the concept. Its purpose is to give regular updates as to what's happening on the official site while acting as a central resource to share best practise relating to social media in construction. We collaborate with various thought leaders including marketing & pr agencies, associations, bodies and institutes.
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