The ‘Social Media supermarket’

In the decade or so I’ve worked in the construction industry I’ve repeatedly heard about the fragmented divisions within it and struggles to attract and secure our industry’s next generation of talent (let alone the one after that), many – no doubt – deterred by the industry’s poor and divided image. So how can we bring people together to change things…?

‘A metaphorical social media supermarket for construction’

Imagine for a second, if you will, a huge supermarket filled not with shoppers but with people from every corner of the built environment ranging in experience from apprentices and students to company directors.

On the shelves are not your typical consumer goods but handy packages of advice and guidance: research findings, innovation stories, case studies, guides to regulations and contracts, surveys and white papers – from bite-sized snippets of information to family-sized reference documents – all available ‘off the shelf’.

And add to this a ‘fresh produce’ section of news, events, company updates, videos and polls.

Now, at my local supermarket, customers don’t just whizz round, choose their goods and head for the check-out; they usually take their time, often meeting people and stopping for a chat.

Back in our construction supermarket, imagine this chat extended to comment and opinion regarding architecture, engineering, contracting and other industry disciplines. Imagine you could venture down aisles designed for particular types of customer – representative of specific disciplines or areas of interest – where you might meet other like-minded individuals, discuss topical issues and identify relevant opportunities….

For me, this is what tCn is about.

I believe that tCn can make this vision happen online. New technology is having a tremendous effect on communication within our society, changing the way we use one of the 20th century’s most influential inventions – the internet.

We have the chance to come together and use this technology to improve our industry now and for many years to come. I’m passionate about helping to bring our industry together, about connecting professionals, companies and communities for the ultimate sharing of information.

Individually we cannot do much on our own to change the industry for the better. But by enabling people to meet in a dedicated environment and to share relevant news, business leads and other industry information, I think the ‘tCn social media supermarket’ can at least help us improve ourselves, our businesses, our customers, and – ultimately – our industry for the better.

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About tCnFounder

Ryan Briggs is the Founder of tCn and has spent over 10 years in the construction industry working with various local, regional and national organisations. Now working with construction training provider, Built for Training, he is keen to use the tCn platform to help bring our industry together utilising social media technology while encouraging the next generation of talent into careers within the built environment.
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