Skype interviews, podcasts, Twitter newspapers … whatever next?

With new ways of communicating emerging almost daily, I suppose I shouldn’t have been too suprised at what I found myself doing this week.

On Monday, for example, I did a Skype call to Mark Anthony of Demolition News who interviewed me for his readers, with the result posted on his site as a podcast! (Click here to read, and hear, the finished article)

For someone involved in the development of a social networking site for the built environment, maybe this should be an everyday occurance, but not for me.

Other members of the tCn team have been helping with content (I have only written about half a dozen blog posts myself), so I am still learning about social media technologies and practices. And like other ‘newbies’, I am some way from harnessing the true power of social media. In the meantime, I am working closely with various marketing and PR specialists, thought leaders and subject matter experts – people who can help construction professionals, companies and organisations learn about what is available and how to get the most out of it.

The need for a Social Media Strategy

I was interested, for example, to read Pritesh Patel talk about the differences between social media networking and social media marketing in his recent blog post for Pauley Creative. With tCn, we want to offer ways for individuals to connect with others and share information as well as enabling companies to raise awareness and build their brand.

Although it’s great to ‘dip your toe in’ and try out new things, a structured social media strategy is vital for long term benefits. One of many great resources for this is Gemma Went’s ‘Social Media Strategy series’ available via her Red Cube Marketing’s blog.

Launch, review and discuss new construction products

Yesterday, tCn consultant Paul Wilkinson and I were on Skype again, this time with the team at We discussed some great ideas allowing new construction products to be launched, reviewed and discussed via tCn. Watch out for developments on this.

Later, I met up with IstructE – the Institution of Structural Engineers – and started to look at how they could make the most of their involvement with tCn. They managed to post details of their Structural Awards 2010 event, as well as a video highlighting a previous event. As part of their online strategy they will be adding an official community for iStructE members soon, and I look forward to working with them.

A daily dose of construction news…

Our friends at Construction Enquirer deliver a steady flow of news stories to tCn, but I have also learned how to create our own online newspaper via a clever Twitter-related application,, recommended by James Mott of Project Book and Su Butcher of architects Barefoot & Gilles. Have a look at The UK Construction Networker Daily (see image at the top of post), and if you follow @tCntweets on Twitter, you might even get featured!

Work in the infrastructure sector?

Our latest community is specifically for the infrastructure sector. Like other tCn communities, this is free to join. We have market sector analysis from Glenigan to provide up-to-date information, and we are also looking for volunteers to help with other content or administration.

Feel free to comment or get in touch if you’d like to discuss collaborative opportunities.


About tCnFounder

Ryan Briggs is the Founder of tCn and has spent over 10 years in the construction industry working with various local, regional and national organisations. Now working with construction training provider, Built for Training, he is keen to use the tCn platform to help bring our industry together utilising social media technology while encouraging the next generation of talent into careers within the built environment.
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