Just how social is your construction company?

Another great blog post from the Pauley Creative team this week asks construction-related organisations to reflect on why various departments might want or need social media. At tCn we are focusing more and more on two main aims:

  1. To offer individuals a professional and industry-specific platform for social media networking
  2. To offer organisations a powerful, effective and industry-specific platform for social media marketing

These are two very different things, and more and more companies are becoming aware of them. Nick Pauley writes:

Letting employees share how great it is to work for your company can also be good for business and serves as positive reputation management. Social networking tools allow employees to create an ‘expertise profile’ for themselves where they can demonstrate their knowledge on a number of topics.

Nick shows that social media can be used differently within various departments including senior management, marketing, PR, HR, sales and business development. But, as he (and others I have read) makes clear, trust is the key:

If managers can trust employees to answer the phone, write emails and represent their company at events, then why can’t they trust them to do the same on social networking sites? Besides, what kind of a message would you be sending to clients, who you encourage to spend time and money on social media, if you block usage for employees?

New community for the Retail Sector

Another busy week for the tCn team saw us create our latest sector-specific community sector for all things retail. As always, sector analysis will be delivered by Glenigan, but I also want to encourage any potential thought-leaders in this area to get involved. Once logged in, you can join the Retail Community by clicking here.

Introducing our newest Team Member

Derek Mynott

I am delighted to introduce Derek Mynott, managing director of GF Partnerships who has joined the team to help create and manage the official Surveying Community.  Derek has 30 years’ experience within construction starting with Bovis Construction as a management trainee and quantity surveyor.  He is FRICS- and FCIOB-qualified and acts as an RICS assessor. You can join the Surveying Community by logging in and clicking here

Get behind Equality & Diversity issues within Construction!

Chrissi McCarthy has outlined her six-month plan using tCn to help raise awareness and bring about change within construction.  Her discussion can be found in the official equality and diversity community on tCn by clicking here.


About tCnFounder

Ryan Briggs is the Founder of tCn and has spent over 10 years in the construction industry working with various local, regional and national organisations. Now working with construction training provider, Built for Training, he is keen to use the tCn platform to help bring our industry together utilising social media technology while encouraging the next generation of talent into careers within the built environment.
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