And the next #tCnTop100 list for ‘Top Tweeters’ in the UK Built Environment is…

Our initial tCn Top100 list identified and promoted ‘tweeters’ in the UK Built Environment.  It generated a lot of interest from both existing users and non users of social media thanks to leading publication, Construction News publishing the results in a double page article in their magazine and various online articles.

We received a huge amount of feedback, listened to your views and learned a lot about where our Industry is with regard to Social/New Media’s role in our sector. We are just at the early stages of adoption and all of us are learning from each other what we can do and what works.

So much so that we’ve decided to look at additional lists to identify specific clusters of users relevant to categories or areas of interest.

Whether it’s on Twitter, LinkedIn, or even our own specifically designed platform, we love communicating with our members and others helping them connect and share information with those relevant to them.

But what we love even more is to encourage those not already benefiting  from social media to start doing so.  Our objective has always been to help individuals and organisations with in the UK Built Environment understand, embrace and utilise new media for their own good and the good of the Industry. And that means getting in print as well as online.

Hence our next initiative is designed to raise awareness of the Twitter platform, explain how we’ve made it relevant while creating some healthy competition between specific users.

We are delighted to confirm that we will be announcing details of our next tCnTop100 list and how to get involved on Friday 3rd June 2011.

PeerIndex will be working with us again to analyse those nominated to get the most comprehensive results possible.  We will also be revealing the mystery publication who we are collaborating with this time.

Until then, feel free to comment here, share this post with those you know or email the team at to see how the team can help you get the most out of your social media activity.


About The tCn Team

The tCn Blog is edited by the original founders of the concept. Its purpose is to give regular updates as to what's happening on the official site while acting as a central resource to share best practise relating to social media in construction. We collaborate with various thought leaders including marketing & pr agencies, associations, bodies and institutes.
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One Response to And the next #tCnTop100 list for ‘Top Tweeters’ in the UK Built Environment is…

  1. To help people Tweet more I would recommend Buffer! It’s so good and so easy to use!

    Best regards, Peter

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