The #AJtCn100 is published – ask your questions here

The #AJtCn100 button

Today the Architects Journal publishes the first list of UK architects, their practices and staff using the social networking platform Twitter.

You can view the top 100 list on the Architects Journal website.  The top ten users are profiled in tomorrow’s print issue of the Architects Journal, together with an article by Su Butcher and interviews with some of the influential tweeters.

If you were nominated for the #AJtCn100 and didn’t make the top flight but you’d like to see where you are ranked, you can see all the 300 nominees here.

The list is ranked by Peerindex, the UK company who are mapping authority on the social web using their Peerindex algorythm. If you’d like to know more you can read their Frequently Asked Questions , or if you have a specific question about the list and your Peerindex, we invite you to ask it here where members of the Peerindex team are available to answer your questions.

Please post your question or comment below, we look forward to hearing from you.


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The tCn Blog is edited by the original founders of the concept. Its purpose is to give regular updates as to what's happening on the official site while acting as a central resource to share best practise relating to social media in construction. We collaborate with various thought leaders including marketing & pr agencies, associations, bodies and institutes.
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5 Responses to The #AJtCn100 is published – ask your questions here

  1. Su Butcher says:

    I’ve been asked (Via Direct Message) by an architect on the #AJtCn100 list, whether I think they should put their listing on the #AJtCn100 website, up on their own website.
    The subtext of this question is ‘I’m not sure what the listing actually means’ – so I’m posting their question up here to invite @Peerindex to explain in simple terms what a good PI score means for this person, and what it will tell their clients.

    Whilst waiting for @SimonCast et al to respond, here are my thoughts on what it might mean to make this step.

    To me, a high PeerIndex rating firstly means that your account is active, and not a bot spouting an RSS feed. So visitors to your website can be assured that if they follow you or contact you on twitter, they will get a friendly response.

    Secondly, to appear in the #AJtCn100 signifies that you as an individual are an early adopter of twitter, and you are an ARB registered architect based in the UK (or work for one). This puts you in a relatively exclusive group as far as I am aware – a group of around 300 people at the moment. This will tell visitors to your website that you have a proactive, engaging attitude towards the internet.

    Thirdly, adding a reference to your membership of the #AJtCn100 to your professional website shows that your attitude towards social media use extends into your business life.

    Many firms resist the use of social buttons on their website because they think social buttons are ‘unprofessional’. We are proving that prejudice wrong by our professional actions online. Publishing your association with the #AJtCn100 is a mark of your proactive, forward looking attitude to engaging with people online, something that sets you apart from the majority of architects.

    Wouldn’t you agree? And what does a high PI score mean to you?

    • simoncast says:

      I think Su answered the question very well. I would also add the following.
      A high PI score indicates that you have an engaged community that responds positively and actively to your activity on the social web. In other words, in the judgement of the community you are someone worth following, listening to and engaging with.

      To visitors to your website, it indicates that you are respected and worthy of trust.

  2. Dave Cornett says:

    Su, I think you’re correct but some PI’s do seem a bit obscure for example (I don’t mean this nasty) but two examples spring to mind :-
    @aaronchetwynd is at Number 16 with a respectable PI of 49 but he scores 0 in authority, 25 in activity and 0 in audience and hasn’t tweeted since May 20.

    whereas @architect_d is at Number 23 with a PI of 46 he scores 0 in authority, 4 in activity and 4 in audience and tweets regularly.

    So how doe’s Peerindex rate one over the other?

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