@tCntweets interviews @PeerIndex about the #tCnTop100 and #AJtCn100

With so much activity surrounding our tCnTop100 series we thought we’d give people the chance to find out a bit more about our partners behind the initiative – Peerindex (@PeerIndex)

We’ve received plenty of positive feedback from people who think it’s a great idea and invaluable to help promote the use of twitter, as-well as social media in general, to the UK Built Environment.

Other feedback has been mixed with users querying why perhaps they do not feature as highly in specific lists as they’d like.

Some still just don’t get it while others have taken a little longer to see what the point is and indeed what our objectives actually are.

We appreciate all feedback, good or bad because our objective is very simple.

“tCn – the Construction network, was created by people within the UK Built Environment to help individuals and organisations understand, embrace and utilise new media for their own good and that of the industry.”

We do this via our social media support services (a collective team of thought leaders specialising in PR/Marketing and Digital Media) and the networking and information sharing website we have built.

The #tCnTop100 is a initiative to help identify and promote existing users of Twitter within specific categories and disciplines whist raising awareness of the benefits to those not yet involved.

For this reason it was essential that we not only spread the word to as many tweeters as possible but also reach non-tweeters too.  We’ve managed to do that with the support of leading publications who have featured content through both their print and online channels.  Some have even featured our ideas and content without us even knowing!

Our next project is the #AJtCn100 to provide a definitive list of registered UK Architects establishing who has already embraced social media and how effectively they are using it.  Su Butcher (@SuButcher) and the rest of the tCn Team are busy collecting the nominations and we’re looking forward to seeing the results published in the Architects Journal in July.

We will continue to do this and will constantly think of other ways we can collaborate with leading organisations to achieve our objectives and add value.

What you might not know…

In an effort to ensure the tCnTop100 initiatives reach as many people as possible we insist that all information and results are available in-front of pay-walls as with articles so far on our site in Construction News (registration required) and Architects Journal.

The PeerIndex Interview

Having met the team at Peerindex our tCn Founder, (@RyanBriggstCn) thought it would be a good idea to interview the PeerIndex Founder – Azeem Azhar (@Azeem).

This will give you the chance to find out a bit more about the #tCnTop100 series, how peerindex actually works and how you can ultimately improve your ranking.

How can you get involved?

In true social media style we want to get our members and followers involved as much as possible.

So we’re giving you the chance to ask the questions by simply tweeting “Can @tCntweets ask @Peerindex {question}” in under 140 characters before noon this Wednesday, 15th June.

What would you like to know about Peerindex? Is there anything that concerns you about the system, or something you don’t understand? Ask your questions and we’ll put them to Azeem.

Interview questions will also feature the twitter handles of those who submitted them.

Ryan will be taking his trusted iPhone4 along to video the interview which will be posted on the video section of our site – www.tcn.uk.com – together with a full article soon.

p.s – The word on the grapevine is that Azeem is a West Ham fan so we’re sure he and Ryan will get on fine!

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New additions bring additional resource and opportunity

Just a quick note to welcome two new additions to the tCn team.

First we welcome Bob Leung, Founder of Woobius (@Woobius) and talented Architect.

The Founder of tCn Ryan Briggs (@RyanBriggstCn) met up with Bob (@BobLeung pictured right) last week having been impressed with the document sharing technology his team have developed.  Ryan said, ”Bob and I share a passion to use technology to help connect our Industry.  It was obvious that by working together we could combine our resources and networks to achieve even more.”

Bob meanwhile added, ”Ryan and I are cooking up something exciting that will benefit both tCn and Woobius users.  Keep an eye out for news over the coming months.”

Secondly we are delighted to introduce Gilbert Gerber (@GilbertGerber) who will help with our community activity both on tCn and LinkedIn.  Gilbert has done a fantastic job with his existing Building group and is excited about working with the tCn Team.

He said, ”I’ve seen the steady growth of tCn over many months and am extremely excited to see just how big it can get. I  firmly believe that tCn can take the Built Environment to the next level, enabling networking and information sharing to spur innovation, collaboration and entrepreneurship which is much-needed in the industry.”

Click to see other members of the tCn Team.

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The #tCnTop100 focuses attention on UK Architects: #AJtCn100

The wait is over!

We’re delighted to announce that in line with our #tCnTop100 series we will next attempt to identify and promote the most effective ‘tweeters’ in UK Architecture.

In addition we are also excited to confirm that the mystery publication and media partner involved in this initiative is the Architects Journal (AJ).

The #AJtCn100 button

How to get involved?

Further information explaining how users can be nominated and what Twitter can do for Architects will be available via the AJ on Thursday 9th June 2011 both online and in their printed magazine.  After a 3 week nomination period the results will be published by the Architects Journal together with analysis and commentary from those involved.

Finally we’d like to thank @SuButcher of Barefoot & Gilles Architects for her collaborative assistance, enthusiasm and guidance on this project.  Su has been instrumental in tCn’s development of the AJtCn Twitter 100 and will be contributing to all official articles.

Feel free to share this information with all the Architects you know and don’t forget to use the #AJtCn100 hashtag!

In the meantime UK Architects can get a free company listing on the tCn website by simply emailing their website address to info@tcn.uk.com.

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And the next #tCnTop100 list for ‘Top Tweeters’ in the UK Built Environment is…

Our initial tCn Top100 list identified and promoted ‘tweeters’ in the UK Built Environment.  It generated a lot of interest from both existing users and non users of social media thanks to leading publication, Construction News publishing the results in a double page article in their magazine and various online articles.

We received a huge amount of feedback, listened to your views and learned a lot about where our Industry is with regard to Social/New Media’s role in our sector. We are just at the early stages of adoption and all of us are learning from each other what we can do and what works.

So much so that we’ve decided to look at additional lists to identify specific clusters of users relevant to categories or areas of interest.

Whether it’s on Twitter, LinkedIn, or even our own specifically designed platform, we love communicating with our members and others helping them connect and share information with those relevant to them.

But what we love even more is to encourage those not already benefiting  from social media to start doing so.  Our objective has always been to help individuals and organisations with in the UK Built Environment understand, embrace and utilise new media for their own good and the good of the Industry. And that means getting in print as well as online.

Hence our next initiative is designed to raise awareness of the Twitter platform, explain how we’ve made it relevant while creating some healthy competition between specific users.

We are delighted to confirm that we will be announcing details of our next tCnTop100 list and how to get involved on Friday 3rd June 2011.

PeerIndex will be working with us again to analyse those nominated to get the most comprehensive results possible.  We will also be revealing the mystery publication who we are collaborating with this time.

Until then, feel free to comment here, share this post with those you know or email the team at info@tcn.uk.com to see how the team can help you get the most out of your social media activity.

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Breaking News: tCn to change name…

…well sort of!

The tCn Team are always looking at ways that Twitter , among other platforms, can be used to help individuals and organisations in the UK Built Environment.

With this in mind we have decided to change the name of our second Twitter account tCnFeeds to the new and improved @tCnMembers.

This twitter account was originally set up as a self-confessed ‘feed’ to publish the latest member activity from our award-winning networking and information sharing website.  This includes news, research, blogs, videos and more.

While this is still the case we will now make every effort to make this account a little more ‘human’ and mention, RT (Re-Tweet) and DM (Direct Message) our company members.

We’ve also set up an online newspaper with Paper Li called ‘The tCnMembers Daily’.

As the name suggests, this tool publishes links posted by tCn members in our twitter list as-well as those using the #tCnMembers hashtag.

Our other online newspaper, ‘The #tCnTop100 Daily’ does exactly the same for the ‘Top Tweeters in the UK Built Environment’ or those using the #tCnTop100 hashtag.

Click for more information about our online daily newspapers.

So feel free to follow us and help share our members content. Who knows, they might even share yours too!

We’d be delighted to help any organisation in the UK Built Environment.  Simply email the team via info@tcn.uk.com to see how you can become a featured member and benefit from these services.

Speak soon!

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The #tCnTop100 results are out – what now?

If you’re not on Twitter, a member of tCn or a reader of Construction News, then you’ll be forgiven for not knowing that a list of the top 100 Tweeters in the UK built environment was published in the print edition of CN yesterday (Thursday 14 April 2011), with simultaneous publication online (read the listing, an accompanying article by Tom Fitzpatrick, an opinion piece by tCn consultant Paul Wilkinson, and a brief explanation of PeerIndex’s system; registration required).

tCnTop100 article - CNplus

The tCnTop100 was created in partnership with PeerIndex to measure the use of new media within our industry while promoting those who have already embraced it via Twitter. Over 350 people either nominated themselves or were nominated to feature in the final top 100.

The initial response to the published list has been very encouraging. We have seen numerous tweets of congratulations to those who have been featured, commendations for highlighting the use of Twitter within the architecture, engineering, construction and related sectors, and a few queries about why and how it was all put together.

With these latter queries in mind, perhaps we should try explain the reasons behind it, and what our plans are for the future….

Twelve things to know about the tCnTop100

  1. As previously mentioned, it was inspired by an article in the Independent.
  2. It was first published in Construction News magazine, and online.
  3. A ‘real-time’ version is available as a PeerIndex group (here), which changes constantly, and was viewed over 2000 times yesterday
  4. In the last 24 hours the #tCnTop100 hashtag had 423 tweets potentially generating 412,626 impressions, reaching an audience of 140,010 followers (via Hashtracking)
  5. The group covers more than the top 100. It features everyone who asked to be included – creating a good starting point to find active Twitter users in the UK built environment.
  6. It had led to additional tCnTop lists to identify and promote tweeters within key categories and areas of interest.
  7. Via PeerIndex’s profiles, you can identify individuals’ specialist areas and find other Twitter users who might share your professional interests.
  8. The aim is to repeat the landmark publication of the tCnTop100 annually, so that the wider industry can gauge the pace of adoption of Web 2.0 tools. In the meantime, the PeerIndex group will provide a real-time barometer of social media usage.
  9. In the PeerIndex listing, some accounts are starred; the ratings of these users’ accounts are estimated. By joining PeerIndex, such users may well increase their ratings.
  10. It is one of numerous initiatives created by the tCn team who include thought-leaders and professional practitioners within PR, marketing communications and industry media.
  11. PeerIndex experts will try to answer any questions about the list. Please tweet your query to @PeerIndex and include the hashtag #tCnTop100.
  12. If you are not included in the tCn Twitter group or the subsidiary lists, you can be added if you follow @tCntweets on Twitter then tweet us and mention the list you’d like to be added to.  You can also tweet suggestions of additional lists (or email us at info@tcn.uk.com).

We will be dedicating various pages on the tCn website to the tCnTop100 as-well as additional lists and leagues very soon.Finally, we understand that the tCnTop100 is not perfect.  There are many influential and respected individuals and organisations who were not involved when it was first promoted.  But we do believe that it’s a great start.  Our aim is that this can be part of many initiatives to help our industry understand the value of new media to ultimately improve communication and maximise opportunity.

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Construction News to publish the #tCnTop100 Results

We are pleased to announce that the ‘mystery’ publisher who will be publishing tCn’s Top Tweeters in the UK Built Environment tomorrow is Construction News.

Keep an eye out for their exclusive feature tomorrow to see if you or anyone you know have made it!

This will become an annual event helping to measure the Built Environment’s adoption of new media while promoting all those who have already embraced it.

We will also be adding a blog post in conjunction with the CN article so watch this space!

Good Luck!

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#tCnTop100 – The Results…

After much anticipation (and more than a few queries from people who were nominated or nominated others) we are delighted to confirm that the #tCnTop100 results will be announced on Thursday 14 April in partnership with a leading UK construction industry publication.

The 100 most influential, authoritative and engaging tweeters in the UK built environment (covering architecture, engineering, construction, FM, landscape, etc) will be revealed after over 350 nominations were analysed by PeerIndex.

We’re sorry it’s taken so long but believe it will be worth the wait now that we can offer even more exposure for all those involved.

Because of the great response we’ve received for this initiative we have various ideas to further help identify and promote tweeters within specific sectors and areas of interest. We are also planning to repeat the process so that the tCnTop100 becomes a regular benchmark of industry adoption of social media (Web 2.0).

We will reveal these along with the mystery publication and the results themselves on Thursday so keep posted! Follow us on Twitter via @tCntweets@tCnFeeds and @tCnResearch, or subscribe to our blog email alerts or RSS feed.

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Less than a week for ‘Top Tweeters’ in UK Built Environment

Tweeters connected to the UK built environment have less than a week to either nominate themselves or people they follow for the #tCnTop100. We will be collating our first top 100 Tweeters soon after our 15 March deadline.

We have had numerous nominations since tCn launched the tCnTop100 last month, suggesting that many professionals in UK architecture, engineering, construction and property-related businesses are already ‘social media savvy’.

Kent-based building regulations expert and well-known tweeter Geoff Wilkinson commented:

“The tCnTop100 is a great way to promote social media’s use in construction.  It’s not just about a league table or where I rank in relation to others. It has unearthed dozens of great tweeps who I wouldn’t otherwise have spotted. We all share a common interest in the built environment and as a result I have discovered some superb content that I would have otherwise have missed.”

All those sending tweets including the #tCnTop100 hashtag will be analysed by PeerIndex to discover who are the most influential, authoritative, engaging and useful tweeters. This information will then be published on the tCn website so that people can use it to grow their twitter networks and connect with like-minded people.

We hope the #tCnTop100 hashtag search will become a key resource for those sharing useful information relating to planning, design, procurement, construction, repair, maintenance, operation, etc. It will help active Twitter users to find useful contacts and to be found.

To achieve the best possible results, tweet “Include me in the #tCnTop100” or nominate those you follow by tweeting I/we nominate [@twitteraccount] for the #tCnTop100‘, inserting their Twitter handle.

Nominations will be accepted up until 5pm on 15th March so get your tweets in now!

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An anniversary, a construction space race and Prof Brian Cox at Ecobuild 2011!

London’s Excel was the venue and 1-3 March 2011 the dates for the latest edition of what some claim to be the biggest and best exhibition for sustainable construction in the UK, if not Europe.

It was also the first anniversary of the launch of tCn‘s industry-specific networking and information sharing platform – and what a difference a year makes! Both the event itself and tCn have come on a long way since Earl’s Court 2010.

My Ecobuild

A lot has been said and written about ‘#EcoBuild’ (as twitter users hashtagged it), and for me it was a major success. It was great to see so many visitors and so many exhibitors promoting the good things they are doing in our industry.  Yes, you’re bound to see much of the same thing but surely that’s to be expected?  In retrospect and in my humble opinion, I found the venue easier to navigate, full of atmosphere for the two days I attended, and an all-round positive experience.

I was privileged to witness the formal partnership agreement re-affirmed between the Chartered Institute of Architectural Technologists (CIAT) and the Chartered Institute of Building (CIOB) (both tCn partners). Attendees included members and representatives from as far as China, including previous President Li Shirong (pictured right).

Next was another announcement from CIOB, regarding its B-live initiative – presented by TV’s latest ‘cool’ scientist, Professor Brian Cox (who has built a loyal following among some of my female friends!). CIOB’s project involved over 50 schools from across the UK, tasking them with designing the headquarters of a future ‘Global Government’, set in the year 2050. Their solution had to incorporate recycled materials and be designed for assembly in outer-space, against the backdrop of an overpopulated planet.

Congratulations to the students from Mill Vale Middle School in Dunstable who were crowned winners of the Inner Space project (they got my vote!), and well done to everyone else who entered.

Other highlights for me included speaking with a representative from Marks & Spencer to learn about their most sustainable UK store to date in Ecclesall Road, Sheffield.

The store will be the first of a number of planned ‘Sustainable Learning’ stores, which will further increase M&S’ understanding of sustainable construction techniques and processes. The new 12,400 sq ft Simply Food store, due to open in April and built from scratch on a former brownfield site, incorporates a host of sustainable and innovative design and construction features. The store is set to achieve a BREEAM rating of Excellent, and has received a Considerate Constructors Scheme score of 37.5 out of 40, making it one of the most sustainable retail outlets in the UK.

After a few drinks at EcoBuild’s resident ‘Fox’ pub with the teams from CIB Communications and Built for Training and it was time to dash over to St Paul’s to catch the end of Be2Camp‘s ‘tweet up’ and then run for the last train home (I missed it).

Social media on the AEC agenda

A very encouraging progression of EcoBuild 2011 compared with 2010 from tCn’s point of view was the amount of exhibitors we talked to who not only had social media in their sights for the coming months but had actually employed a specific person to look after their online presence or ‘finger-print’ as some call it.

It was fantastic to see many of those who have supported the tCn concept from its launch a year ago (big thanks to them – you know who you are!). And to those who were either new to social media or new to tCn, we look forward to talking to you in what should be an exciting 2011!

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